Orchid Link: Enabling Businesses to Analyse Calls and Safeguard Customers

Orchid Link SBC enables businesses to analyse their calls and safeguard the company’s customers

In the days before the pandemic, there wouldn’t be a week that went by without a story about cybersecurity or a new breach of a well known brand. In addition there are many fraudsters attacking telephony systems or abusing end customers with fraudulent calls.  

Those issues haven’t relented since the pandemic and have, in many ways, become more pressing as new doors were opened thanks to insecure domestic networks. That insecurity extends to calling and making sure that employees or the company’s customers aren’t being duped on the phone or coerced to ring back premium numbers creating a big bill at the end of the month. Call stretching is also a quite popular way of increasing the bill or the nice Wangiri call.  

The key to tackling this is to know what call patterns look like and highlight anomalies using machine learning and rule based algorithms so the operations team can intervene before large damage is caused.  

At the same time maintaining good call quality is essential for customer satisfaction and real time analytics mechanisms that look at call quality are key to achieve that.  Fortunately, Cataleya’s Orchid Link Session Border Controller solution offers analytics and fraud detection solutions or support well known 3rd party frameworks.  

Key Features  

  • Call KPI analytics  
  • BI tool for utilisation analytics  
  • QoS analytics – Mos score and R-Factor  
  • Internal Fraud Analytics tool based on ML and Rules based frameworks  
  • Supports Stir/Shaken framework  
  • Supports AB-Handshake Fraud prevention framework  


Along with world-class communications, the Orchid Link SBC from Cataleya comes with analytics that can give feedback to businesses based on predetermined KPIs. Amongst the KPIs, Orchid Link provides advanced real time statistics dashboards about answer seizure ratios, automatic call distribution, call attempts, failed calls, amongst others.  

These analytics feed into business intelligence tools so businesses can use the data in reports about utilisation and traffic patterns per trunk with the analytics also feeding into quality of service figures too. Orchid Link provides up to 30% real-time call quality analytics that feed into MoS score and R-Factor quality measures and can also be used for alarms or to support quality-based routing decisions.  

Fraud detection

Although the analytical improvements for business processes and quality of service are vast, the Orchid Link SBC also provides the technology for businesses to protect employees from fraudulent calls.  

Orchid Link provides a real time fraud analytics engine based on machine learning algorithms and rules with the ability to detect up to 12 different types of call anomalies such as delayed buy, Wangiri, FAS amongst others. The SBC supports the Stir/Shaken framework now written into law in the US, as well as the innovative AB Handshake call validation. The new solution prevents A-number spoofing, robocalling, call stretching, OTT bypass, and many more and is the perfect addition to Orchid’s built-in fraud detection capabilities. For more on AB Handshake, click here: https://abhandshake.com/