Orchid Cloud Holds Key to Operator Switching Woes

The cloud infrastructure has been built with voice in mind

The move to hybrid working and a dependency on solutions that allow employees to work everywhere has paved the way for more businesses to look into who provides their communications infrastructure and how they do it. 

Although the work life balance has improved for employees, the democratisation of the home office has placed more emphasis on operator’s competence. In short, connectivity providers have never been under more pressure to deliver a great service, leading to major changes in the underlying infrastructure. 

In enters Cataleya with its sophisticated switching platform, Orchid Cloud SBC, which enables Enterprises and Carriers to start operating their voice switch within a matter of days across many locations on 4 continents.  

This switching as a service platform is built and operated by Cataleya through a secured high-quality network of connected Orchid Link SBC pairs around the world. Businesses only need to commit to a minimum number of concurrent SIP sessions per month and have access to basic SIP interconnect capabilities but also to a lot of additional features like MS Teams direct routing, fraud detection and real-time quality of service analytics.  

Key features  

  • Multiple protocol supported  
  • Real-time QoS based routing  
  • Fraud analytics included  
  • Node and geographic redundancy  
  • Transcoding available  
  • Carrier-grade quality and security  
  • Global private network  
  • 24/7 operational support  

Orchid Cloud packs a powerful portfolio of functions to support and enable carriers to grow voice business without the need for procuring and hosting your own switching infrastructure. Besides the saving on capital expenditure, significant savings can be achieved on cost of operations, infrastructure maintenance and technical support, as Cataleya takes care of that.  

Security and reliability, coupled with simple and rapid scalability, are key to enabling dynamic growth, without the need for large upfront investments, and the Orchid Cloud SBC provides just that.  

Why is it worth a consideration?

This is a revolutionary shift for any telecom operator looking to reduce time to market and cost of operation when either expanding its global business or aiming for ultimate efficiency and agility, by closing their own network and migrating to an outsourced infrastructure and platform provider. With the Global Orchid Cloud Fabric, telecom operators will be able to switch on their global voice or messaging services and expand their capabilities in regions or in countries in a matter of days, rather than months, at half of the cost compared to building and operating their own.  

Not only will Cataleya provide the SBC and BSS functions within each node, it will also provide the tailored hosting and IP connectivity and therefore a fully functional, ready for service, one-stop-shop deployment.  

How is Cataleya different from others?

“The main difference the Cataleya team brings, is the expertise of building and running Global Networks and Platforms as a Service for many years and understanding Uptime and Service Level Agreements” said Andreas Hipp, CEO Cataleya. “In addition we never interfere in the business of our clients, which is the basis for a trusted relationship without conflicts of interests.  

“Our private cloud infrastructure has been tailored for voice applications unlike most general public cloud networks. It also offers any type of connectivity from public IP to fully private layer2 physical interconnections. The customer can also bring their own IP ranges for even more autonomy”

“This represents an entire new way of deploying global infrastructure, giving telecom operators the efficiency and agility they crave to better compete and innovate, without the cost of capital, deployment and ongoing operation and maintenance. From the point of view of the operators, it looks, behaves and feels like it is their own, they just don’t own it nor the obligations that come with it.”