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Key Benefits

Simplicity & Ease

Flexibility & Agility

Efficiency & Versatility

Low Barrier To Entry

Value Proposition

Enterprises And SMBs

Can use this to integrate their own SIP Trunk provider to MS-Teams Direct Routing or Zoom Phone Premise Peering and add/activate users using a simple and intuitive GUI.

Value Added Service Providers And MSPs

Can onboard new enterprise customers seamlessly and let them start using the service within minutes.

Enterprise Service Providers

Service Providers can easily offer SIP trunk connectivity to their enterprise customers who have MS-Teams or Zoom Phone as their chosen telephony service, and they can also bring their resellers and distributors onboard the platform

Orchid Collab As A Service (Link2teams)

Link2teams is a Direct Routing / Carrier Peering offered as a service by Cataleya. It is Cataleya’s multitenant cloud service to connect MS Teams and Zoom Phone users to PBXs or SIP Trunks — that includes Orchid Cloud SBCaaS, currently available across 3 global regions in 7 locations worldwide
Note: The SBC is yet to be certified for Zoom Phone Carrier Peering.

User Options

SBC Provider

SBC Provider can provision SBCs, define capacity constraints, create one or more Service Providers, and assign them one or more SBCs. SBC Provider can enforce usage capacity limits like maximum Resellers, Maximum Enterprises, and subscribers a Service Provider can onboard. SBC Provider charges a Service Provider for the number of subscribers based on services and invoices Service Provider for resellers/enterprises/users onboarded.


Enterprises are the end-users of Orchid Collab, and most of the service automation is built to make their lives easy. Upon login, they are offered a wizard for the requested service that would guide them to configure services like MS-Direct Routing or Zoom Phone Premise Peering between the enterprise and their Carrier. They can also integrate these services with their PBX, and provision users on these platforms, all with a click of a button. They can then continue to monitor and self-care for their side of operations.

Service Provider

Service Providers are mostly value-added resellers that can offer Orchid Collab as a service to enterprises/resellers at a marked-up price, provision numbers, the required services, and the number of subscribers for the enterprise/resellers. Service Provider can choose to have resellers, or they can directly sell to the enterprises.


Resellers can offer Orchid Collab as a service to enterprises on behalf of a Service Provider at a marked-up price, provision numbers, the required services, and the number of subscribers for the enterprise.

Why Should People Choose Orchid Collab?