Introducing the Next Big SBC

Orchid Link from Cataleya aims to challenge the large SBC Vendors

With the talk of hybrid work coming in the next year, more businesses will be entering into a deeper relationship with Microsoft. 

One area in which the capabilities and features within Teams have grown is the telephony that can be routed into the platform, eliminating the need for desk phones with the headset becoming the favoured way employees answer their phone. 

But unless you can invest in the technical capabilities to fully integrate your communications into Teams, you will need external help to achieve your Direct Routing ambitions. 

In come Cataleya with Orchid Link, their software-only Direct Routing-certified SBC solution that challenges the established brands dominating the marketplace.  

The innovative solution is flexible and can be used in conjunction with bare metal or virtualized cloud environments and can also be used as a fully hosted platform as a service. The solution is available on a subscription model or as an outright purchase including the on-premise installations. 

Key Features 

  • Multitenancy
  • Quality of service analytics
  • Voice fraud analytics
  • Service management

Orchid Link allows the customer to create logical SBC instances for which access permissions can be granted to telephony provider customers, so they can manage some of their own activities themselves.  

With this, Hosted PBX or UC providers can grant access to individual enterprise clients SBC partitions. This flexibility allows businesses to make their own decisions when it comes to how their calling infrastructure is routed, as and when they need to make changes, such as connecting a new employee that has recently joined the company. 

The solution is built on strong analytic feedback with built-in real-time quality of service and voice fraud detection. The analytics produce reports with Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) and R-factor quality scores and check for eight different types of call anomalies including Wangiri or FAS amongst others. 

In addition, Orchid Link comes with a full suite of service management features such as real-time credit management, by connecting to an Online Charging System (OCS), or enabling Text to Speech (TTS) services. 

Orchid Link customers will also enjoy the full Calaleya support service around the clock, with offices in the UK, USA, India and Singapore, there is a contact in every time zone. Another strength of Cataleya is their responsiveness and speedy delivery of feature requests and integration requirements in an affordable manner. 


Cataleya CEO Andreas Hipp said that the Orchid Link solution offers a genuine and trustworthy alternative to the large SBC providers adding that the service provider’s fast and flexible nature can better serve their end customers. 

“With Microsoft Teams recently announcing 145 million daily active users, it’s clear that it is going to be a platform that we will be discussing for years to come. 

“More businesses are exploring ways to run all their communications through Teams and Direct Routing is a big enabler of that. Orchid Link’s Direct Routing accreditation proves that businesses can assess their options when starting their journey to introduce calling to Teams, and do not have to use the systems provided by the large and well-known vendors which often come with a substantial price tag. 

“Orchid Link gives businesses another option, offering the same basic functionality, multiple features, quality service and a CAPEX or OPEX payment structure that removes any barrier to adoption a business may have.”