How Cataleya Provide the Foundations for Growth

Orchid Cloud has helped Toku slash onboarding times from 25 days to just 1 hour. 

Communication is a crucial part of modern business, even more so when that enterprise is only at the beginning of their journey. 

Startups often have to move quickly and efficiently in order to gain any kind of foothold in their chosen market, and communications is no different. When demands are high they need the facilities to be clear and quick to deal with customers, but will also want value for money to appease budgets. 

This is why a scalable, affordable, and efficient communication solution is so important. Cataleya provides the foundations for growth with a scalable VoIP platform that can be adapted to the ever-changing needs of a startup. 


One such start up is Toku, the only dedicated cloud communications provider in the Asia Pacific region, that helps businesses overcome the complexity of digital transformation, enhance their customer experience, and cater to the growing demand for hybrid work. 

Before working with Cataleya, Toku’s primary SIP gateway was not scalable and lacked the agility to roll out new services quickly, therefore it often took several days to configure new customers. 

In order to keep up with demand, a young company like Toku needs a scalable communications solution that is a proven success in challenging emerging market environments.  

The Solution

Cataleya‘s Orchid Link is the perfect solution for any startup that is scaling quickly. The fully-featured, all-in-one, MS Direct Routing-certified Session Border Controller allows businesses like Toku to deploy outstanding technology in a simplified and cost effective manner.  

The software-based platform enables businesses to build a reliable voice network on commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) servers, and supports a variety of deployments on bare-metal and virtualized environments, including network function virtualization (NFV). This paves the way for unlimited scalability across various deployment sizes.  

Key Features

  • Deep analytics and powerful diagnostics tools that are built into the SBC, giving businesses more control over SLAs. 
  • A powerful & programmable policy engine ensures that interworking & interoperability concerns are addressed.  
  • A building-blocks based service management framework facilitates rapid building of new services, and gives businesses the edge with short time-to-market for rolling out new features to customers.  
  • An SBC platform that addresses all aspects of SIP based voice requirements and offers an easy-to-use web portal for your team to manage the daily operation or fully integrate to existing UC, PBX, OSS and BSS systems via a rich set of APIs.  
  • Orchid Link can be deployed across a wide variety of business use cases and networks, be it Access or Interconnect function, deployed in Next-Generation Networks (NGN) or IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks, in enterprises, retailers or wholesale service provider use cases.  


As a result of adopting the Orchid Cloud platform, Toku are now able to support more customers and configure them in a drastically improved time, with customer onboarding times improving from 25 days to just 1 hour. The solution is easily scalable and can be quickly integrated with other similar systems such as UCaaS, PBX, and various billing platforms, and regional support teams that are on hand to provide assistance when needed.  

“We have been using Cataleya for over four years and it has supported our business needs due to its integration capabilities, speed of deployment and dedicated support team,” says Raj Gopinathan, Head of Operations, Toku.  

“The ease of deploying systems on Cataleya in different countries in APAC has enabled us to plan for regional expansion. Cataleya provided the flexibility in setting up cloud instances for POC in APAC countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan.  

“This is a unique point of differentiation for Toku compared to its competitors to acquire new customers in APAC by delivering the best possible customer experience.”