Cataleya Releases its Orchid Link WebRTC gateway

Cataleya’s Orchid Link Session Border Controller is now available with optional WebRTC gateway feature

Orchid Link Session Border Controller is now available with optional WebRTC gateway feature.

The SBC will now enable CSP’s to provide enterprises In-App communication by embedding voice, video, chat, and messaging features into applications. With this, enterprises can now transition to conversational engagements, away from web and app browsing.

Orchid WebRTC gateway bridges voice communications between web endpoints on any device with existing VoIP infrastructure, thus web-enabling contact centers, PBX’s and legacy SIP networks.

Orchid WebRTC SIP mediation gateway sits right at the core of this solution and leverages an extensive feature set already available in Orchid Link SBC platform to make this transition easy and fast.

  • Webifies your voice infrastructure without upgrading the core elements such as feature servers, PBXs, and contact center infrastructure by introducing the WebRTC- gateway
  • Enables voice connectivity from Web Browsers with legacy SIP/PSTN networks
  • Facilitates media traversal functions for endpoints behind different types of network access topologies and NATdevices by supporting ICE, STUN and TURN protocols
  • Saves VoIP infrastructure resources by facilitating peer2peer communication where possible
  • Performs media encryption and normalization between WebRTC and legacy Clients
  • Performs media transcoding (OPUS-G711/AMR)

All other existing innovative features of the Orchid Link SBC such as multi-tenancy, multi-cloud deployment, high-performance media processing, and signaling adaption framework are bundled with the WebRTC gateway feature resulting in a comprehensive and powerful solution.

Key Features


  • Quick deployment and straightforward integration into any network
  • Compatible with any client that complies with WebRTC standards
  • Orchid Link has a simple and intuitive user interface designed for ease of use


  • Orchid Link supports DTLS for secure session establishment and SRTP for media encryption for the WebRTC session between the endpoints and the SIP Network
  • Orchid Link service-aware firewall will act as an intelligent agent fending off any potential malicious attack


  • We are still the best in the market providing real time analytics and E2E visibility to the carrier
  • Carriers can leverage that visibility to troubleshoot potential issues in WebRTC or SIP calls. With no need for probes or any additional application, Orchid Link has extensive Service Analytics capabilities allowing operators gain exceptional business and operational insights. These are availabe to the WebRTC feature too
  • Helps carriers to ensure top quality voice service to the enterprises