Cataleya Launch Link2teams

New solution allows businesses to efficiently enable calling through Microsoft Teams

Now that Microsoft Teams is an established part of a lot of our working lives, meeting customer expectations for simple and fast provisioning and set up has become a necessity.  

When deals for connectivity were completed in the past, businesses would be happy to be set up and taking advantage of their new package within a week. Now businesses expect to be able to purchase a solution like Microsoft Teams, hand out logins, and allow their employees to use the solution within minutes.  

That presents a challenge for partners, but Cataleya has announced the solution with Link2teams which provides enterprises with a simple and easy way to connect their SIP Trunks or PBX to Microsoft Teams, via an intuitive automated service platform. 

Link2teams enables service providers to onboard their existing and new resellers and partners with flexible access control frameworks, and uses Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to connect to carriers through Cataleya‘s Orchid Link SBC. 

Cataleya’s fully automated, hosted, multi-tenant solution connects Microsoft Teams users to PBXs or SIP Trunks, including the Microsoft Teams-certified Orchid Link SBCs. The solution is currently available across 3 global regions in 7 locations worldwide with many more to come. 

Key Features

  • The solution is fully-automated and simple to configure – it has helpful GUI wizards to guide the users through connecting their PBXs or SIP Trunks to Microsoft Teams in a quick and hassle-free manner. 
  • The solution is hosted – the automation portal is hosted on Azure cloud and connects to Orchid Cloud (SBC-as-a-Service) that is deployed across 5 locations, in 7 PoPs (and more coming). This means that it is ready for operation within minutes. 
  • The solution supports Geo-Redundancy – calls can be routed through any of the 7 SBC nodes, enabling the configuration of alternate routes should any one of them fail. 
  • Powered by a proven, carrier-grade SBC that is Microsoft Teams-certified. 
  • The solution uses components (MicrosoftTeams-certified SBC inclusive) exclusively from Cataleya, ensuring greater stability of the solution. 
  • Built for multi-tenancy with control hierarchies enabling seamless reseller models. 

Enabling Connectivity

Link2teams provides the benefits for Operators, Partners, and Enterprises in order to ensure that end users can start using Microsoft Teams to boost their productivity.  

Operators can provision Direct-Routing SBCs, define capacity constraints for multiple partners, assigning each of them multiple SBCs and maximum enterprise and subscriber caps. These providers can then charge for every Enterprise onboarded, number of subscribers, and invoice on this basis too. 

For Partners, Link2teams handles the creation of the enterprise users and provisions the required services and subscribers. Partners can also control the price points at which they offer Microsoft Teams integration, and Link2teams also takes care of invoicing. 

From there, Enterprise users can take advantage of a setup wizard if they don’t know how to configure Direct Routing between their carriers if needed, before taking advantage of calling through Teams.