Cataleya Unlocks SMS Potential with Orchid Text

All-in-One solution allows businesses to manage all SMS communications with their customers

In the last decade, social media has taken over a lot of the interactions we make on a daily basis.  

From commenting on the latest entertainment, sport and politics, to sorting out customer service queries when we’ve been wronged, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts have become an integral part of most people’s lives forcing businesses’ to adapt and embrace these social networks.  

However, despite millions scrolling through timelines on an hourly basis, engagement rates on such platforms are far inferior compared to SMS communication. This dominance is particularly noticeable compared to email communications with texting having a better open rate of 98% compared to 20% for email. 

In order to take advantage of this, businesses need a solution to manage the contact they have with their customers, allowing them to send discount offers en masse, manage two-factor authentication requests and privately interact with responses as SMS continues to establish itself as a reliable source of contact. 

In step Cataleya with their turn-key Orchid Text solution for wholesale and enterprise businesses. Within the solution, businesses can take advantage of vendor & customer management, routing, pricing, billing as well as campaign and number management capabilities. 

Key Features 

  • Besides supporting SMPP and HTTP it also has SS7 / SIGTRAN capabilities included. 
  • Container based software architecture supports microservices as well as allowing tremendous scalability 
  • 2 Way SMS Routing 
  • Single user interface for all business aspects 
  • Supports reseller or partner management. 
  • OTP messaging (2FA) 
  • SMS campaigns 
  • SMS scheduling 
  • Number lookup  


Orchid Text is a fully-featured, all-in-one SMS trading and campaign management platform for those seeking to run a high quality SMS wholesale or enterprise business efficiently and reliably.  

The platform is also available as on premise installation, private or public cloud or fully hosted deployment and enables businesses to build scalable and reliable SMS services. As a result, employees can address all aspects of the SMS wholesale and enterprise business via a user-friendly web portal enabling teams to manage its daily messaging business. 

Orchid Text sits within Cataleya’s suite of Orchid solutions that deliver high quality and secure communication technologies for enterprises to leverage on their journey to success, or resellers to supply to their partners. 

Speaking to UC TodayCataleya CEO Andreas Hipp said that the new solution was a natural extension of the solution Cataleya already provides, adding that “texting may have seen a dip in popularity since the invention of the smartphone, but the use cases for businesses are very exciting. 

“We have unlocked the capability for our resellers and end customers to engage with more customers in a more responsive format. It’s well known now that people respond to SMS messages a lot quicker than traditional forms of contact such as email and businesses need to start including texting into their communications strategies.  

“In fact, it only takes an average of 90 seconds for a recipient to respond to an SMS message, whereas it takes an average of 90 minutes for someone to respond to an email. With Orchid Text marketing departments can start engaging with their customers on an automated and one to one level, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction”