Cataleya Orchid SBC Earns Microsoft Teams Approval

Cataleya Orchid now certified for Teams Direct Routing

Cataleya, a company committed to delivering sensational CPaaS technology and real-time communications software for VoIP, analytics, and BSS needs, has achieved a new goal. The Orchid SBC from Cataleya is now certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Cataleya can now support companies in linking their Teams phone system to the Service Provider of their choice. This is a valuable offering from Cataleya at a time when Microsoft Teams is quickly emerging as the central tool for business collaboration and teamwork. Teams is a valuable tool for the distributed workforce, offering video, chat, conferencing, and file sharing features.

Through Direct Routing, Teams users in a business can easily make and receive calls from any mobile subscriber or PSTN around the world. This brings great flexibility to the modern company, which can continue to use its existing SIP trunk provider with Teams technology.

A Flexible Solution for Teams Users

Orchid’s rich feature set and flexibility makes it an excellent choice for service providers who want to introduce Teams connectivity to their SIP trunk solution. Orchid can also integrate any legacy IP PBX into the Teams space too, allowing for a smoother transition into the world of Teams phone systems.

The Orchid solution from Cataleya has one base platform across different product options, ranging from small to large companies, to enterprise and carrier organisations. The solution is now fully certified by Microsoft. Unlike other companies that have a range of product types, any style of Orchid SBC is available for direct routing, or you can add required features to existing deployments whenever you choose.

The extra flexibility of the Orchid environment means that it appeals to a wider selection of use cases. Upgrading your functionality doesn’t have to mean purchasing a new platform. Existing SIP trunk services for enterprise users can easily connect to Microsoft Teams with Orchid either on-premises or via service provider cloud hosting.

Achieving Microsoft Approval

Andreas Hipp
Andreas Hipp

An SBC certified by Microsoft is crucial to enable Teams users to connect to any provider in the SIP landscape. A company’s SBC must provide security to voice communications in and out of the enterprise and service provider environment over a public network.

To achieve certification, the SBC should also be easy to integrate with various flavours of SIP and SIP trunk providers and facilitate services through Microsoft Teams. Supported services delivered through Teams might include Consultation Calls, Call Transfer, and similar functionality. Orchid software SBC meets these new requirements perfectly with a reliable access feature bundle and high-security voice communication system.

All of the features from Cataleya also come with service analytics embedded, and the added capability of Fraud Analytics and QoS included. According to the CEO of Cataleya, Andreas Hipp, the company is thrilled to have passed the certification testing first-time around. Cataleya is confident it can add a lot of value for customers.