Cataleya Ensure Efficient Onboarding for SBC and SMS Solutions

Orchid Link and Orchid Text provide enables the communication modern businesses need

In the competitive communications market, being able to set up and run solutions as quickly as possible is a key differentiator.  

Rather than a week’s wait for a new solution, once an agreement has been made, customers expect to be able to get started within days, if not hours. Therefore service providers not only need to provide a quality solution but also need to be able to set up the solution in an efficient manner.  

Cataleya offers Carrier and Enterprise Session Border Controller software, and Messaging solutions for wholesalers and enterprises, that enable MSPs’ to quickly launch new services, scale them domestically or expand them globally.  

The software can be deployed on bare metal or virtual infrastructures as well as in private and public cloud environments like AWS and Azure. Where a fully managed and hosted platform is preferred, Cataleya’s Orchid Cloud can provide its platforms in over 30 countries worldwide across 72 data centres.   

At the same time, the network can be a hybrid if self-hosting of the software applications in the country is preferred. Yet for international expansion, a fully hosted and managed network might be a more cost-effective solution with no or little operational cost or resources needed from the customer side.  


Speaking to UC Today, Cataleya CEO Andreas Hipp acknowledged that MSPs need a solution that can adapt to their business plans, adding that the solutions that service providers can take advantage of from Cataleya are designed to simplify the onboarding process. 

“Orchid link, our Session Border Controller, is Microsoft Teams certified and has also successfully been integrated with UC, PBX, IMS and BSS partners or vendors. We are also working on a provisioning tool for Microsoft Teams to automate or simplify the Teams user, with PBX and SBC provisioning to be launched soon.” 

“The Orchid Text platform offers wholesale and enterprise messaging features including SS7-SIGTRAN support if needed. Its container-based, microservice architecture supports any deployment preference and scales from 0 to 100 million SMS per month.” 

Orchid Link SBCs feature set includes quality of service analytics, voice fraud analytics and service management, in order to keep users safe whilst ensuring their productivity. MSPs offering the Orchid Text platform can also enable a rich set of features for their customer, including OTP messaging for two-factor authentication, scheduling and building SMS campaigns as well as number lookup functions. 

Hipp went on to say that products from Cataleya are “the ideal enabler for CPaaS offerings with fully API-enabled control functions that are provided in a simple-to-integrate solution.  

“Overall this is a refreshing alternative to other vendors with various attractive commercial pricing models available. All of these features are, of course, supported by our 24/7 Service Desk and Technical Support organisation ensuring the highest uptime possible.”