Cataleya Orchid Cloud – Revolutionary Cloud-Based Voice Business Platform

A flexible, scalable, zero CapEX carrier grade, pay as you go end-to-end wholesale solution

Cataleya has launched what is claims is its latest revolution – Orchid Cloud. This wholesale Business Platform as a Service integrates switching, rating, routing and billing cloud solutions, “enabling wholesalers to start operating within a matter of days and to enjoy a feature rich and highly scalable wholesale voice business platform on a pay per use basis.”

“Orchid Cloud is a revolutionary cloud solution which utilises the unique features from Cataleya’s carrier grade, award winning Orchid One SBC platform, which serves as the core switching infrastructure. Paired with a powerful routing, rating and billing engine, we believe it will create a very comprehensive yet competitive solution for wholesalers,” says Andreas Hipp, CEO Cataleya.

Orchid Cloud is set up in a fully redundant manner for carrier grade reliability that never lets you down. This wholesale as a service platform is built and operated by Cataleya itself through a secured high-quality network of multiple connected Orchid One SBC pairs hosted in datacentres around three regions in the world.

Using this innovative wholesale platform, wholesalers will be able to go live within a matter of days and enjoy a feature rich and highly scalable wholesale voice business platform and only pay for what they use. Wholesalers will only need to subscribe to a minimum of minutes per month and pay for the actual minutes sent through the system.

“To make the onboarding simple, Cataleya also offer a 14-day trial “try before you buy”, and if a client needs a short-term solution, also offer contract terms as short as 3 months. This will enable them to manage migration projects or short term volume increases that do not warrant their own infrastructure upgrade or the usual 12-month plus commitments offered in the market today. Besides the savings on capital expenditure, there will be significant savings in operation and maintenance costs, as Cataleya will take care of that” says Andreas Hipp.

“As market trends show, businesses are turning more and more towards cloud-based services for their business platform requirements. Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) can be tremendously cost effective for operators when running their business on hosted environments. It solves an ever growing cash flow challenge when capital purchases have to be made and when system integration and the ongoing operation costs already put a strain on margins. This is definitely the case in very cost conscious markets such as wholesale voice.”

“This is only one of the many revolutions enabled by Cataleya, as we are the only vendor which lets you build your own tailor-made SBC, while benefiting from truly flexible business models, simplicity of integration and machine learning powered algorithms.”

About Cataleya
Cataleya is a leader in IP networking innovation, with a strong track record in developing and deploying next generation carrier grade switching systems, pushing the envelope in an all IP paradigm. Cataleya is headquartered in Singapore with its own technology development team in Silicon Valley and operations centre in Pune, India. Cataleya creates networking technology that are simple, intuitive and ready to enable an all-IP world. Its solutions are purpose built to give customers greater control over their network with the operational intelligence to deliver new levels of quality of service whilst overcoming the toughest industry challenges.