The Top Microsoft Teams Security Vendors for 2024

Security solutions for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is more than just a simple collaboration and productivity tool for many companies. As the ecosystem continues to expand and evolve, it’s quickly becoming one of the go-to solutions for businesses in search of an all-in-one digital workplace.  

Thanks to new feature sets, add-ons, and partnerships, Microsoft Teams can now serve as a UCaaS or CCaaS platform, capable of flexing to suit the needs of virtually any business. However, shifting to a Teams-focused strategy for communication and collaboration isn’t without its challenges. Companies still need to ensure their chosen platform is secure enough to keep conversations via chat, video, and text protected in the cloud.  

While Microsoft Teams offers a number of security features as standard, including access controls, two-factor authentication, and the Purview platform, organizations can expand and increase their security standing with help from certified partners. Here are just some of the companies offering security solutions for Microsoft Teams today:

  • Theta Lake
  • Allendevaux
  • AudioCodes
  • ATOS
  • Avaya
  • Cataleya
  • Cisco
  • Ekinops
  • Enghouse Networks
  • Ericsson
  • Frafos
  • Italtel
  • Metaswitch (Microsoft)
  • M5 Technologies
  • Nokia
  • Oracle
  • Patton Electronics
  • Ribbon Communications
  • Sansay Inc
  • Smarsh
  • TE-SYSTEMS (Anynode)
  • Thinktel
  • Ultatel
  • 46 Labs LLC

Theta Lake

Recognised by industry-leading analysts like Gartner, Theta Lake helps to minimise compliance headaches and improve data security. The company’s solutions include a comprehensive risk and compliance suite for archiving, surveillance, and monitoring. Theta Lake also has “modular” products for different security concerns.

Alongside a host of platform architecture tools, connectors, and data capture services, Theta Lake also produces dedicated integrations for various collaboration and communication platforms, including Microsoft Teams.

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Data protection agency Allendevaux is a full-service company that helps organisations better understand their compliance obligations and implement new data protection strategies. The company’s services include data protection, cloud security, and extensive data management. Allendevaux also offers comprehensive cybersecurity tools, risk management assistance, and DPO as a service.   

With support from the security and compliance team at Allendevaux, business leaders can access assistance with ISO/IEC 27001 implementation, marketing and global privacy strategies, and information security training. Plus, specialist solutions are available for healthcare professionals dealing with sensitive patient data.

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Communication vendors Atos provide companies with a secure pathway into the Teams ecosystem through the Atos Unify Openscape solution. Atos can work with brands on connecting their hardware and carrier solutions to the Microsoft Teams environment through SBC connections and SIP trunking. The company also offers a plugin for Microsoft Teams where users can configure and manage their communication tools.  

With a variety of solutions to suit different business requirements, Atos gives companies the freedom to choose exactly how they want to build their custom communications platform. Openscape even allows clients to add new features to Teams, such as contact centre capabilities, attendant consoles, and more.  

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Offering a variety of contact centre and unified communications technologies to companies around the globe, Avaya serves brands from virtually every industry. Like many communication organizations, Avaya has built on its partnership with Microsoft Teams in recent years and now acts as a direct routing provider for customers who want to embed voice technologies into the Teams landscape. Avaya Calling for Microsoft Teams even comes with built-in access control capabilities.  

With Avaya, companies can leverage enterprise-level communication capabilities within Teams with just a simple application. Avaya also offers the SBCE solution for Microsoft Teams for business leaders searching to securely connect their PSTN or Avaya Aura networks to the Teams landscape.  

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A long-standing partner of Microsoft, AudioCodes offers a variety of solutions to companies building their technology stacks in the Teams ecosystem. The company can assist businesses with migrating into Teams, offering BYOC solutions via Direct Routing for secure, enterprise-grade voice. AudioCodes also builds security into its Teams offering from the ground up, with advanced SIP trunks for companies leveraging hybrid and cloud-based solutions.  

One of the core security offerings available for Microsoft Teams customers from AudioCodes is the Mediant VE SBC, which allows brands to defend the connection between their internal communication systems and the cloud. The Mediant SBC is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud environment and promises a combination of reliability, resiliency, and scalability.  

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With a wide portfolio of enterprise and carrier-grade session border controllers, Voice QoS, and fraud analytics solutions, Cataleya serves numerous brands in the Microsoft ecosystem. The brand’s extensive “Orchid” portfolio includes a global cloud platform with its own hosted border controller, as well as the Orchid Link solution, specially designed to connect communication networks to solutions like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex.  

Cataleya’s Orchid SBC has been fully certified for Microsoft Teams direct routing and can adapt to a range of use cases and deployment options. Existing SIP trunk services can easily be connected to Teams through the Orchid SBC, which is also available as a hosted service throughout 30 countries.  

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Previously acting as a competitor to Microsoft and the Teams platform, Cisco has begun increasing its partnership with Microsoft in recent years. Starting in 2023, customers can now run Microsoft Teams natively on Cisco Room and Desk devices, and Cisco has become a certified partner in the Teams program for the first time.  

The CUBE router, certified for use with Microsoft Teams, also allows companies to take advantage of direct routing through Cisco technologies. Cisco’s Session Border Controller solutions ensure companies can bridge the gap between the Cisco Network and Microsoft Teams technology, securing conversations on a global scale.  

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Based in France, Ekinops produces a range of tools for business buyers, including optical transport tools, voice and data access solutions, and software-defined networking packages. To facilitate direct routing for Microsoft Teams, Ekinops offers a scalable session border controller solution certified by Microsoft and hosted in the cloud.  

Ekinops promises a powerful and complete SBC solution designed to support multiple SIP trunks with minimal setup and configuration complexity. Users can leverage enterprise session border controllers embedded in OneOS6, or virtual session border controls designed for the NFV environment for both enterprises and operators.  

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Enghouse Networks

Delivering solutions for digital transformation, network infrastructure, and business support systems, Enghouse Networks supports a variety of tech buyers in the modern world. The company’s range of solutions for Microsoft Teams includes a certified Session Border Controller, which allows companies to connect any voice provider to the Teams ecosystem.  

The Enghouse Dialogic BorderNet SBC secures reliable connections between communication solutions and Microsoft Teams, with end-to-end control and configuration support for business leaders. Enghouse also offers its own secured contact centre solution for Microsoft Teams, with built-in access controls, encryption, and privacy protection. 

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Ericsson is a well-known telecommunications and technology company with a long-standing partnership with Microsoft. The company offers a range of SIP trunking services to connect enterprise communication systems such as UC tools and PBX solutions, to public telecom networks. SIP Trunking from Ericsson comes with regulatory, connection and control, and supplementary services, to support a range of routing systems. 

Ericsson is a certified SBC vendor for Microsoft Teams, offering businesses a consolidated infrastructure environment where they can manage, monitor, and adjust their communication solutions within Microsoft Teams. Ericsson also offers global scalability across multiple geographical locations, as well as convenient one-click deployment options.  

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Providing companies with a reliable way to protect against fraud and denial of service, Frafos offers the ABC SBC for Microsoft Teams users. The scalable session border controller technology runs on top of appliances, virtual machines, and hardware alike, allowing VoIP providers to scale their infrastructure and address the needs of various end users.  

The ABC Session border controller not only offers security but also assists with signalling mediation, call routing, and advanced media server applications. Within the SBC platform, companies can leverage and manage multiple SBCs from a central location, access instant notifications and alarms, and even balance VoIP loads.  

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Cloud security, process automation, and digital transformation vendor, Italtel, assists companies in developing sustainable and secure strategies for growth. Italtel works with Microsoft as a certified partner, providing direct routing through session border controllers. The Intelligent Business Communication Solution from Italtel includes NetMatch-S Italtel SBC solutions in both media and non-media bypass use cases.  

Italtel’s solution enables PSTN connectivity through a range of SIP trunking connections. It also provides flexible service logic for smart call routing, admission control, call barring and other services. The customisable dashboard for the technology also allows business leaders to monitor VoIP video and audio calls for end-to-end visibility.  

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Metaswitch (Microsoft)

Now owned by Microsoft, Metaswitch provides companies all over the world with simple ways to upgrade their Teams ecosystem. The company also assists partners and vendors in taking advantage of Microsoft’s Operator Connect program. Metaswitch’s portfolio of offerings for Microsoft Teams includes solutions for direct routing, complete with access to the Perimeta SBC technology.  

The Perimeta SBC from MetaSwitch can be leveraged by both enterprises and resellers alike, looking to take advantage of Microsoft Teams for comprehensive communication. The solution allows anyone to link Microsoft Teams securely to their operator’s network without compromising privacy or data encryption. Perimeta can be deployed either in an operator’s network or in the Azure cloud. 

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M5 Technologies

Otherwise known as the Media5 Corporation, M5 Technologies delivers a broad portfolio of CPEs and mobile applications to companies investing in unified communications. In recent years, the company expanded its investment in IP-based multimedia solutions with the Sentinel SBC solutions, offering a flexible architecture for various use cases.  

M5 Technologies and PortSIP have also partnered to create a range of interoperable and compatible solutions for Microsoft Teams direct routing. M5 Technologies empowers companies taking advantage of the Microsoft Teams ecosystem to secure their communication and media connections when working in the cloud environment.  

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Communications vendor Nokia is best known for its network services and hardware solutions both in the consumer and business landscape. In recent years, the company has developed a partnership with Microsoft to assist its clients in taking advantage of Direct Routing to link carrier-grade voice to the Teams ecosystem. The Nokia SBC solution for Microsoft Teams sits at the edge of access networks, securing all kinds of IMS services and IP access.  

Nokia’s SBC technology protects a range of IMS services from cyberattacks at both peering and access edges, with encryption and decryption for bearer traffic, firewalls and topology hiding. The solution also supports NAT traversal, SIP interworking, media handling and transcoding.  

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Building on an extensive partnership with Microsoft, Oracle introduced a range of enterprise session border controller solutions specifically built for use with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. The Oracle E-SBC portfolio ensures business leaders can take advantage of carrier-provided SIP trunks to securely connect voice capabilities into Teams for both internal and external conversations.  

The carefully-built SBC solutions adhere to the needs of companies facing strict regulatory requirements and compliance demands in their industry. They also provide support for managing quality of service and preserving consistent connections. The secure, interoperable, and multi-tenant tools come with joint support from both Microsoft and the Oracle team.  

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Patton Electronics

UC, cloud, and IoT-enabling solutions provider Patton Electronics serves Microsoft Teams customers with VoIP and SIP gateways and connectivity solutions. Patton creates and provisions SIP trunking technologies and certified devices for Microsoft Teams and Office 365. The Teams Service Border Controller offered by the brand is built on Patton’s SmartNode technologies.  

Regardless of the business environment, Patton’s solutions offer easy integration between SIP and TDM technologies, with end-to-end management and control capabilities. The solution also comes with quality monitoring, networking management, and QoS capabilities built-in, allowing companies to rapidly connect legacy platforms with Microsoft investments. 

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Ribbon Communications

Flexible communications vendor, Ribbon, supports businesses with flexible network and connectivity solutions focused on the era of cloud communications. Ribbon offers IP optical network solutions, a comprehensive carrier-grade cloud environment, and a range of SBCs (Session Border Controllers) for Microsoft Teams customers using Teams as their primary communication system. 

Alongside Session Border Controller services, Ribbon also provides businesses with secure IP calling capabilities, turn-key technologies, and end-to-end support for migration and provisioning. Users can even securely link their existing contact centre and UCaaS solutions into the Teams ecosystem using Ribbon’s scalable environment. Ribbon’s secure SBCs are also certified for use with other tools outside of Teams, such as Zoom.  

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Sansay Inc

Providing software-based infrastructure for VoIP networks Sansay offers a comprehensive range of services to business leaders worldwide. The company can even help companies with the STIR/SHAKEN framework. The Sansay VSXi SBC is certified for use with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing strategies, allowing seamless PTSN call delivery to the Teams ecosystem. 

The product promises secure high availability architecture on both the media and signalling plane, with support for media and non-media bypass. What’s more, Sansay’s technology is certified for emergency calling and can work with a range of existing SIP trunking solutions. Sansay also offers 24/7 support to its Microsoft Teams customers.  

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With enterprise solutions for digital security, cybersecurity, and risk management, Smarsh offers a wide range of tools for those investing in compliance. The toolkit built by the company includes technology for capturing information and conversations across various channels, including Microsoft Teams. Users can take advantage of discovery and archiving tools and customisable warehouses for data collection.

Smarsh’s compliance management solutions include a professional archive system, web archive, and dedicated, personalised business solutions. Plus, business leaders can access help securing critical data in a digital safe, navigating vendor risk, and setting up cybersecurity strategies.

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TE-SYSTEMS (Anynode)

Capitalising on the rising demand for flexible Microsoft Teams Direct Routing services, TE-SYSTEMS produced the Anynode Session Border Controller (SBC). This software-based solution works as an interface for a variety of SIP solutions, providers, and PBX tools, converting port and directory information and routing session traffic.  

The versatile system can connect to almost any telephony trunk available and can be collocated on existing hardware investments (such as data centre environments). The technology also comes with a comprehensive configuration wizard to assist businesses in setting up secure connections as quickly as possible. The solution is fully certified for Microsoft Teams direct routing. 

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Specializing in SIP trunking, dedicated internet solutions, and hosted PBX offerings, Thinktel acts as a flexible partner for Microsoft Teams customers. The company’s network spans across the world, and Thinktel services can be customised to suit a variety of use cases. Companies working with Thinktel can benefit from fully redundant hardware, multi-rate customer SIP trunks, and tailor-made deployment solutions for Microsoft Teams.  

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, ThinkTel offers SIP-based communication capabilities to companies throughout Canada, with access to powerful session border controller technology. SBC solutions from Thinktel can be configured to the specific needs of each brand, even those working in highly regulated areas. Plus, the technology on offer is compatible with a range of legacy PBX systems, making them suitable for companies using hybrid communication stacks. 

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Committed to helping businesses transform their communications stack in the cloud, Ultatel offers a range of solutions, from a dedicated cloud-based contact centre and phone system to VoIP phones and SIP Trunking services. The Ultatel Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution leverages Ultatel’s experience and technologies to facilitate secure connections between communication systems.  

As a certified SBC provider for Microsoft Teams, Ultatel can assist companies in configuring the right ecosystem for their cloud solutions. Ultatel can work with companies on choosing the right solution for SIP, SBC, and media bypass capabilities. As well as being a certified SBC solution provider for Microsoft Teams, Ultatel is also certified for contact centre connectivity.  

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46 Labs LLC

46 Labs serves both enterprises and service providers in the communication and technology landscape. Working with brands across 131 countries worldwide, 46 Labs has developed a range of solutions for the Microsoft Teams landscape. The company was one of the first to be certified for Microsoft Teams as a Connectivity Orchestration platform.  

With 46 Labs technology, companies can manage connections throughout their communication landscape, reducing the risk of fraudulent and dangerous interactions. 46 Labs provides a highly scalable environment, which can be used to monitor and control all forms of connectivity, from voice and data processing to device management.