vOrchid One: Taking Intelligent Networking to New Places

Virtualization is breaking the traditional barriers of deploying intelligent networks. Cataleya has already deployed its Orchid One next-generation session border controller (SBC) in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas but we are still finding new ways to support service providers as they adopt IP.

Over the last 12 months, we looked at how we can bring flexibility and elastic scalability of our intelligent networking solutions in a cloud environment. This led to development and the launch of our vOrchid One, a virtualized version of our Orchid One next generation session border controller

We worked hard to maximize the capabilities to deliver a virtualized SBC that is identical from a solution capability to its hardware counterpart. All functionalities and capabilities have been maintained with the same end-to-end visibility into network performance from transport to application layers.

Service providers can deliver up to 2,250 concurrent sessions per core with a QoS analysis engine that allows the system to detect and predict voice calls performance. It comes with full WebRTC to SIP interoperability as well as support for Voice Over WiFi (VoWiFi). vOrchid One is ready to protect service providers’ operations and profits with both an integrated intelligent firewall and built in fraud management system.

Service providers that deploy vOrchid One benefit from:

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – With a low TCO, service providers of all sizes can deploy intelligent networks. Smaller operators that see cost as a barrier to deploying new infrastructure can opt for a virtualized SBC then move to a hardware version as volumes increase.
  • Rapid Deployment – Service providers can rapidly deploy vOrchid One and gain an immediate competitive advantage. Rapid deployment means faster monetisation of intelligent networks and the ability to deliver a higher quality of service and experience for customers.
  • High Scalability and FlexibilityvOrchid One works with vCenter for VMware and Openstack for KVM and supports multiple API standards and protocols. It can manage 9,000 simultaneous SIP sessions per instance using KVM with SR-IOV and 5,000 with VMware. vOrchid One is ready to scale and flex to changing needs with the same level of performance and capabilities.

We enable mobile network operators, fixed line providers and service providers of any kind to deploy WebRTC, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and VoWiFi while also protecting the network from fraud. We are very excited to be delivering vOrchid One in today’s market and can see its potential to take intelligent networking to new places.

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