Transcoding features

The Orchid One platform provides an in-box hardware based transcoding solution supporting transcoding for audio, video and text codecs. Transcoding may be induced statically or dynamically (based on SIP offer/ answer negotiations). There are three profiles associated with transcoding:

  1. Ingress media profile – The incoming INVITE (in offer) codecs are filtered off based on the ingress media profile. The intersection is taken.
  2. Egress media profile – The outgoing INVITE (out offer) codecs are the result of the codecs from operation 1. above, and intersection with the egress media profile.
  3. Optional transcoding profile – This has the trigger types that determine at what point in the call will the codecs specified in the transcoding profile list be applied to the INVITE. If the trigger type is “Forced” or “Augment” the codecs from the transcoding profile are added to the result of the operation 1. above, before the operation 2. is applied.

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