QoS and service level management

QoS and service level management

Providers of wholesale voice, IPX, Interconnect carrier, and ITSP services face several challenges such as lack of visibility, adapting to changes in the network and traffic, predictability and consistency in delivering real time voice, video, and multimedia services over IP networks. Orchid Platform Analytics and QoS feature provides necessary functionality and tools to address the issues prevalent in IP networks.

Some of the key benefits provided by the feature are stated below:

  • 360 degree real time insights in to all aspects of the service and network
  • Proactive SLA monitoring, alerting
  • Intelligent session steering (self-healing) and SLA enforcements
  • Trending and service consistency measurement
  • QoS and QoE dashboards

Cataleya Orchid Platform QoS feature built on real time data gathered from embedded service modules such as session manager, network and security engine, service management and billing modules. The data collection engine works in parallel with session and packet processing without impacting the performance and quality of sessions. Orchid One QoS engine has powerful data extraction and correlation module to support multiple distributed nodes in the network, when session transits multiple nodes engine correlate the information from multiple nodes and layers and able to present end-to-end view of QoS, statistics and session tracing information.

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