How Global Orchid Cloud can Accelerate Your Business Expansion

The hosted voice and messaging solution also allow businesses to simplify their operations and save money

Around 10 years ago transport network infrastructure saw managed “Virtual Points of Presence” services start replacing operator-owned network nodes overseas.  

As the perceived value of network ownership came into question, outsourcing international interconnect hubs proved to be a very logical and sound commercial option, as the complexity and cost outweighed any benefit of ownership and operation. 

What about Voice and Messaging?

Cataleya, a leader in Voice over IP switching and analytics, is continuing to revolutionised the international voice and messaging industry with the launch of its Global Orchid Cloud Fabric. After years of operating its SBC and SMS PaaS solutions, largely for international wholesale service providers, it is now pursuing a global cloud strategy for enterprise use cases as well.  

Many enterprise service providers are looking for a faster and more cost effective way to expand internationally but face additional challenges from a regulatory point of view when it comes to cloud based service operation. Data residency requirements as well as local deployments are often a must and the large, global cloud operators do not always have a presence in certain countries or regions to support this requirement.  

Why is it worth a consideration?

This is a revolutionary shift for any telecom operator looking to reduce time to market and cost of operation when either expanding its global business, or aiming for ultimate efficiency and agility, by closing their own network and migrating to an outsourced infrastructure and platform provider.  

With the Global Orchid Cloud Fabric, telecom operators will be able to switch on their global voice or messaging services and expand their capabilities in specific regions or in countries in a matter of days, rather than months, and this at half of the cost compared to building and operating their own service. 

One Global Orchid Cloud customer commented: “Overall we have achieved cost savings of 35 – 40% on an annual basis which is a significantly different number than the typical service margins these days.”  

How is Cataleya different from others?

There are a few differentiators that are relevant.  

Reach: With our global hosting partners we can reach over 30 countries and activate new sites within a couple of weeks and active sites within a couple of days. 

Connectivity choices: With our dedicated Service Provider grade hosting solutions we can support any means of connectivity to and from as well as between nodes from public IP to physical fibre interconnects in the DCs.  

Redundancy and SLA choices: Whilst all sites are deployed in high availability mode, sometimes geo redundancy either in the same country or between regions might be required to meet the reliability standards expected for critical services. We are able to offer many options to achieve various levels of redundancy. 

The main difference the Cataleya team brings is the expertise of building and running Global Networks and Platforms as a Service for many years and understanding Uptime and Service Level Agreements. 

In addition Cataleya is never in the business of our clients, which is the basis for a trusted relationship without conflicts of interests. 

“This represents an entire new way of deploying global infrastructure, giving telecom operators the efficiency and agility they crave to better compete and innovate, without the cost of capital, deployment and ongoing operation and maintenance,” said Andreas Hipp, CEO Cataleya.

“From the point of view of the operators, it looks, behaves and feels like it is their own, they just don’t own it nor the obligations that come with it.”