Delivering new scalability in Bangladesh’s dynamic mobile market

Bangla Trac has deployed Cataleya’s Orchid One to manage high volumes of mobile traffic with guaranteed quality of service and experience.

Bangla Trac Communications, a leading Bangladeshi telecom service provider and international gateway operator, is evolving its business to match the needs of a rapidly growing mobile sector in its home market. Initially specialising in voice termination services to Bangladesh, it is now one of only seven licensed international gateway operators in Bangladesh. This has created new demand for scalability in its business as well the need to offer exceptional quality of service (QoS) and experience (QoE) as it manages increasing traffic volumes.

Bangladesh has a population of over 168 million people and is the 12th largest mobile market by subscribers in the world according to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Factbook. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has worked hard to encourage the development of a highly competitive mobile telephony ecosystem of which Bangla Trac is an essential part.

A rapid uptake of mobile services in recent years means there are now nearly 130 million mobile subscribers in Bangladesh, who are looking for higher quality domestic and international connectivity for their applications and services.

The country’s government has played a part with its Digital Bangladesh strategy, aimed at creating nationwide internet connectivity and digitised public services by 2021. Mobile traffic volumes in an economy where few citizens have a fixed line connection are growing and are seen as essential communications infrastructure.

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