Bangla Trac deploys Cataleya’s Orchid One

Cataleya’s Orchid One session and application manager has been selected to deliver new levels of performance while managing high traffic volumes

Singapore – 28 October 2015 – Cataleya, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Epsilon Global Communications group, has been selected by Bangla Trac Communications Limited, a leading Bangladeshi telecom service provider and international gateway operator (IGW), to streamline traffic management and improve quality of service (QoS) while being able to scale to serve 129 million potential mobile subscribers. Cataleya’s Orchid One session and application manager enables a high performance switching environment while leveraging end-to-end network visibility and big data analytics

Bangladesh has about 20 international gateway operators which they have to terminate through the seven selected aggregators, managing all international traffic. Bangla Trac was selected for this and in turn has needed to scale its switching capacity to accommodate. Orchid One will enable Bangla Trac to scale to meet this new demand while benefiting from:

  • High performance switching capacity and traffic management
  • Near real-time analytics and reporting
  • Guaranteed quality of service (QoS) end-to-end
  • A wide variety of codecs
  • Built-in transcoding

“Our business has changed dramatically over the past few months and we needed a solution that could scale to serve rapid growth in our network traffic. We chose Cataleya because of its proven scalability as well as its ability to deliver quality in some of the most demanding situations,” says Md. Zainal Abedin, Director & CIO at Bangla Trac. “Orchid One is a solution that is built to deliver quality at scale and that is the future of our business.”

The Orchid One Network Session and Application Manager is specifically designed to enable the delivery of IP communications services and high-performance applications. It delivers full end-to-end QoS and quality of experience (QoE) with visibility from the transport to applications layers, which is critical for the delivery of IPX-enabled networks.

“Through the pilot for this deployment Orchid One delivered consistent quality and scalability that Bangla Trac can depend on. This is critical in a market that is changing quickly with subscribers that are hungry for high performance services,” says Jay Jayasimha, Chief Executive Officer at Cataleya. “We are extremely pleased to deploy our solution in one of the fastest moving and challenging markets in the world.”

About Bangla Trac Communications Limited

Bangla Trac Communications limited is a premium telecom service provider driven by innovation and commitment to quality. As one of the pioneer International Gateway (IGW) Service Providers, we have diversified our portfolio well beyond our core business of premium quality voice termination to Bangladesh. Our wide range of innovative products and services are designed to enable our local and international partners to realize their full potential in target markets.