Webinar: Identifying Telecoms Fraud & Protecting Your Profits

Cataleya_Identifying Telecoms Fraud & Protecting Your Profits webinar

Date: 31 August 2016, Wednesday
Time: 11am ET / 3pm UTC

Identifying Telecoms Fraud & Protecting Your Profits

Are you a victim of the $38.1 billion fraud losses that have hit the telecoms industry in 2015? Or are you not even aware if fraud has happened in your network?

In the voice market where profit margins are extremely challenging, it is important that profits are protected and minutes are monetised. Fraud prevention is an ongoing issue given the increasing sophistication of the fraud attacks. Rule-based fraud management systems are commonly used by carries and service providers to defend against fraud, but fraudsters have found ways to test the rule triggers and execute the fraud attacks without being detected.


  • Types of common known fraud
  • Common fraud detection methods
  • Detecting unknown/upcoming frauds with machine-learning algorithms & big data
  • Importance of real-time analytics in fraud detection
  • Be one of the first to view the Cataleya Orchid One’s Fraud Prevention Solution demonstration


Fighting Voice Fraud with Big Data Analytics White Paper

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