Are vendor marriages leading to customer divorces?

Session border controllers are a core component of any service providers’ network. In our current reality, changes in market conditions are already adding immense pressure on cost of investment when it comes to modernizing infrastructure and reducing operating expenses.

Consequently, uncertainty and cost are compounded further by the current ongoing consolidation in the vendor landscape. Such marriages between vendors is leading to unexpected product portfolio reductions or even early end of life programs for some equipment models and related support contracts.

The claimed synergies derived from these new marriages, and the savings they can realize by doing so in headcount and product line maintenance reduction, only apply to the vendors merging. The impact it will have on customers is rarely considered in these cases.

More than ever before, services must be maintained at all times. Therefore, losing a vendor or having to replace obsolete equipment is not only an inconvenience, but more importantly results in extra capital, resource cost and lost time for the customers in the middle of these marriages.

Proactive infrastructure renewal therefore becomes a crucial consideration. Doing so may help you avoid being forced into a corner and having to spend un-budgeted money to deal with unplanned network upgrades. In addition, you don’t want to lose the opportunity to gain operational efficiencies and cost savings early to make them part of your competitive strength.

We at Cataleya understand our clients’ challenges and have therefore created a proactive infrastructure renewal program to help you transition away from a new reality you have no control over – an unexpected vendor marriage.

Our aim is to provide you with a painless, easy to integrate cost efficient SBC solution. We put you in control of your new reality and even let you build-your-own SBC so that you benefit from an ultimate tailored solution.


Andreas Hipp

CEO Cataleya

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