Streamlining Fraud Prevention into your Network

Your session border controller (SBC) can be working harder for you.

In the world of IP networks, SBCs have a vital function in the setting up of voice calls and other interactive media communications. We have now arrived at the next generation of SBCs which offer this and a lot more, particularly to operators looking to limit their risk of voice fraud and consolidation of their network equipment.

Operators are recognising that their best weapon against the many types of voice fraud that are threatening their profitability and reputation is a proactive and data-driven approach. The ability to instantaneously harvest and then analyse relevant network data gives operators an important edge in keeping pace with the methods of voice fraud.

The best SBCs are tooled to capture just this kind of data in real time as they go about their job of optimising network performance. Unusual activity on the network can be flagged up as soon as it occurs, rather than emerge slowly after a lengthy period of data collection and storage, long after revenue has already leaked.

Next generation SBCs offer deeper analysis and unparallelled visibility, sitting as they do at the heart of the network rather than hanging on the periphery like so many third party security and fraud management solutions.

Machine-learning algorithms can get to work instantly on this data, becoming more effective as they are exposed to real fraud scenarios. A database of behaviours is retained, giving actionable insights into fraudulent activities, whether already recognised or entirely new. This algorithmic analysis is fully integrated into the network, and as automated as possible to save the need for human intervention and additional manpower costs. Efficient, immediate and effective, this SBC-supported machine learning is also scalable globally.

As the next generation of SBCs are deployed globally by the operators, and Big Data analysis enters the mainstream of enterprise strategy, richer and richer data sets will be brought into action to support the battle against fraud.

With the right SBC, operators can build fraud prevention directly into their network and benefit from a solution that is directly in the call path. Next generation SBCs give you fraud protection from the core of your network.

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