Orchid webRTC

Orchid webRTC

Connecting Web Browsers to Legacy Telephone Networks for Voice & Video communication

Cataleya’s Orchid SBC is designed to play a central role in Web-based Real Time Communication to meet today’s enterprise requirements, particularly for the Contact Center solutions. Web Browser based voice and video communication across legacy telephony networks benefit these businesses by helping to expanding their reach.

WebRTC is enabling every web browser to become a VoIP softphone. Providing signaling capabilities over Web/HTTP can open doors to extend the A to B calling from conventional VoIP devices to any browser-capable devices. Also, it is an open platform where anyone could build a WebRTC client based on the API defined by W3C.

Cataleya’s WebRTC gateway feature on Orchid SBC provides an all-in-one solution by integrating WebRTC flows in the B2BUA logic. With this, WebRTC-supported trunks could be added by choosing WebSockets as one of the supported transport protocols. The rich analytics capabilities of Orchid have been extended to include WebRTC-specific analytics. Also, the WebRTC flows could be included in the Policy & Service Management Framework resulting in flexible ways of realizing customer solutions.

Download Datasheet : Orchid webRTC