Orchid Probe product features and specifications

Number portability query solutions

Cataleya’s Orchid Probe, is a number database lookup system based on the award-winning Orchid platform, and helps carriers adapt quickly to the introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in their national network.

The system mirrors any number database and provides a SIP or ENUM-based interface so that carriers can perform database lookup in real-time. When used as an MNP local database, this obviates the need for existing switches to update their architecture to adapt to a new NP environment.

All carriers have diverse vendor products that need to smoothly interwork with the MNP query system and are under great time/cost pressure to effectively transition to an MNP environment.

Cataleya’s system seamlessly interworks with each of the different vendor products and can provide specific adaptations to cater for the varying needs of these vendors for MNP queries or any number query.

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