Orchid Cloud: Private, Reliable, Fast SBC as a Service

Cataleya’s SBCaaS offering is hosted on a private network and available in over 30 countries

Telcos and service providers today cannot deliver enterprise communications solutions without the use of a Session Border Controller (SBC), keeping the network secure while maintaining an uninterrupted communication flow. In the past, SBCs had to be deployed and managed on-premises; but today, much like with many other tech solutions, we can easily use an SBC via the as-a-service model.

One such SBC as a Service is offered by software provider Cataleya, delivering SBCaaS solutions since 2017. Cataleya’s enterprise-grade hosted SBC solution is Orchid Cloud.

What is Orchid Cloud?

Orchid Cloud is Cataleya’s private cloud platform, available in over 30 countries and currently active in 7 locations globally, including its Microsoft Teams Direct Routing certified SBC as a service.

Using the global Orchid Cloud fabric, telecom operators and service providers can deliver their global voice and messaging services to enterprises worldwide and expand their deployment reach to new regions and countries in a matter of days.

“With what Orchid Cloud provides, the cost is significantly minimized compared to building and operating one’s service from scratch,” notes Cataleya CEO Andreas Hipp.

What’s the Difference Between Public and Private Cloud SBCs?

“Public cloud-hosted SBC solutions, regardless of vendor, offer a very simple and standardised way of delivering and deploying SBC as a Service, which definitely works for some companies,” Hipp explains.  “However, these standardised offerings aren’t suitable for all use cases.”

Some enterprise clients prefer to opt for private cloud for redundancy or security reasons, while others do it to comply with specific data storage regulations in their region.

“Private cloud SBCs make it easier to address these kinds of unique requirements when it comes to network connectivity, data residency, etc.”

What Makes the Orchid Cloud SBCaaS Unique?

Cataleya’s Orchid Cloud SBC as a Service offering has a few key differentiators making it a good fit for telcos and service providers (and their customers).

  • Expertise: The Cataleya team brings longtime expertise in building and running global networks and as-a-service platforms, having launched their first SBC as a Service concept in 2014 and delivering it as a vendor in 2017.
    “We’ve been handling these types of solutions for years now, back from the time we were part of a global telecom operator,” Hipp shares. “This means we have a deep understanding of uptime and Service Level Agreements.”
  • Reach: With Cataleya’s global hosting partners, they’re able to reach over 30 countries and activate new sites or expand existing sites extremely quickly. “Depending on the complexity, it can range between a few weeks and a couple of hours.”
  • Redundancy and SLA choices: Sometimes, geo-redundancy either in the same country or between regions might be required to meet the reliability standards expected for critical services. Cataleya offers multiple options for achieving various levels of redundancy.
  • No inside competition: Cataleya makes sure to stay out of their client’s business, quite literally.
    “You often see SBC providers who offer their solutions both to service providers and to end customers (i.e., enterprises) directly,” Hipp explains. “We only deliver our SBC as a Service solution to providers and leave it to them to sell it to customers. In our book, that’s the basis for a trusted, conflict-free relationship.”

What’s Coming Up Next?

Currently, Cataleya offers the Orchid Cloud SBC as a Service in the US, Europe, and Asia. In the next couple of months, it’s set to expand its reach to Australia and Latin America.

“We’re very excited about this move and are looking forward to delivering our services in more countries.”