Miercom performance verified certification


Miercom was engaged by Cataleya Pte, Ltd to conduct independent performance testing and an assessment of key features and capabilities of the Session and Application Manager (SAM) Orchid One, a carrier-class VoIP-control system. Testing, which employed industry-leading traffic generation and security threat equipment, was conducted in late April 2015.

Testing concentrated in two main areas:

  • Performance: specifically, registration capacity, call-processing rates supported, concurrent-call-handling capability, and related metrics.
  • Security and resiliency: active/standby controller failover and the ability to sustain operations under numerous malicious-assault and stressful environments.

Key Findings and Observations

  • The Cataleya Session and Application Manager (SAM) Orchid One delivers impressive call-handling capacity: Tests confirmed that it can handle 512,000 concurrent registrations, 200,000 calls without media, and 100,000 calls with full RTP media, all on a sustained basis.
  • The Orchid One supports 80,000 encrypted TLS connections, the interworking of 30,000 Secure RTP (SRTP) media streams and transcoding of 14,500 media channels.
  • The system exhibits a high level of resiliency, successfully fending off over a dozen malicious assaults and Denial-of-Service attacks. What’s more, in an active-standby configuration, an SAM Orchid One fail-over resulted in just a single failed call.
  • The system is built to address all manner of differences between service providers, able to convert between IPv4 and IPv6 call requests, dynamically modifying call headers as needed, and transcoding between different codecs. Effective utilities are included for monitoring QoS and SLAs, for tracing calls and for policy configuration.
  • Our testing exercised and assessed aspects of the Orchid One that address SIP signaling and call performance, security, reliability, and resilience. The SAM exhibited excellent resilience and continued performance and call quality under all the high-duress scenarios tested, including six DoS attacks.

Overview of Confirmed Orchid One SIP Signalling and Call-Handling Performance
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