Making VoWiFi a reality with new network intelligence

VoWiFi has the potential to help mobile network operators (MNOs) recapture roaming revenues they’ve lost to over the top (OTT) providers. Roaming has changed forever and it is time for MNOs to commit to changing how their subscribers use their services while abroad.

High roaming costs and the occasional bill shock has pushed subscribers to either turn off their mobile phones when travelling or use OTT services like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp for voice and messaging. Both scenarios are not good for MNOs and they need to take action to change subscriber behaviour.

They need to make roaming straightforward and transparent so that their subscribers can see value in using their services when going beyond their home networks. Anytime you need to influence how a consumer behaves can seem like a big challenge but there are answers.

Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) can deliver a seamless subscriber experience that limits their reliance on OTTs when roaming. When you make a roaming cost-effective and simple, you can compete with OTTs and regain ground lost over the last five years.

The challenge for MNOs is to tap into the opportunity in VoWiFi and make it a reality. Many MNOs have recognised its potential but have yet to commit to delivering VoWiFi for their subscribers.

There are technical challenges but these are being solved with new network intelligence. Service management and quality of service (QoS) issues can be addressed by a next-generation session border controller (next-gen SBC) if it is able to provide real-time analytics and true visibility on a session-by-session basis.

Call quality and congestion levels of a WiFi hot spot need to be monitored and managed in real-time. The next-gen SBC can troubleshoot QoS and quality of experience (QoE) issues in the network and ensure the subscriber is getting the best possible service.

At the same, real-time analytics supports the mechanism to enable seamless switching between mobile networks and WiFi hotspots when needed. Decision making is key to the success of VoWiFi services. Next-gen SBCs with real-time call quality analysis can determine the best network to carry the subscriber call. It is critical that visibility in the network leads to intelligent decision making that can select networks based on quality and availability.

On top of providing functionalities for a seamless VoWiFi solution, a next-gen SBC can also be an enabler for local voice breakout, driving higher levels of service quality, routing and cost efficiency for your roaming subscribers.

For MNOs, technology should not be a barrier entry. As next-gen SBCs evolve with real-time data and analytics, VoWiFi can be deployed with reliability and efficiency at its core. New network intelligence is ensuring the success of VoWiFi deployments and helping MNOs to recapture roaming revenues globally. The time is right to build an additional revenue stream into your network with VoWiFi.