Introducing Orchid Collab – Giving Collaboration a Voice

The new platform rounds off the Cataleya portfolio of voice solutions

Communication and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have gained huge popularity owing to the value they offer with their cloud-based services that offload the IT management cost and complexity for businesses.

Voice-enabling these platforms has ensured that there are productivity gains and improved collaboration, including voice communication from a single platform.

However, using these collaboration platforms as Phone Systems poses some challenges for both Enterprises and Service Providers. Specifically in the areas of integration, connectivity, and management.

What is Orchid Collab?

Orchid Collab is a single-window portal and provisioning tool that automates the configuration and integration of enterprise Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone system services with carriers of their choice.

Collab is designed to automate complex workflows using API-based integration, thus making it easy for both Enterprises and Service Providers to set up and manage these services. The new solution is also a service automation tool that simplifies Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone system integration to voice carriers.

Orchid Collab has been built for multi-tenancy and is multi-tiered to suit Operators, Partners, and Enterprises:

Operators – Orchid Collab allows operators to provision SBCs, define capacity constraints, create one or more partners and assign them one or more SBCs. Operators can enforce usage capacity limits like maximum enterprises and subscribers a partner can onboard. Operators charge a partner for the number of subscribers based on services, and invoice partners for enterprises and users onboarded.

Partners – Value-added resellers can offer Orchid Collab as a service to enterprises at a marked-up price, provision numbers and the required services, and the number of subscribers for the enterprise. On top of this, operators can choose to have reseller partners while also selling directly to enterprises as a partner on the portal.

Enterprises – Most of the service automation is built to make the lives of businesses easy. Upon login, Orchid Collab offers a wizard for the requested service that would guide businesses to configure services, like Microsoft Direct Routing or Zoom Phone Premise Peering, between the enterprise and the carrier. Enterprises can also integrate these services with their PBX, and provision users on these platforms, all with a click of a button. From there IT professionals can continue to monitor and self-care for the business side of operations.

The Complete Package

With the addition of Orchid Collab, Cataleya can now offer seamless voice integration into enterprises Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone platforms.

Cataleya’s Orchid Link SBC is a carrier-grade product that serves more than 80 customers across the world, powering the voice services of fixed, mobile, wholesale, and enterprise service providers. Orchid Collab is built to work closely with Orchid Link SBCs, which natively support HTTP REST APIs for configuration. This makes API-based programmatic integration with other platforms easy.

Enterprises can connect their Microsoft Teams or Zoom Phone users to carriers of choice using two methods: Link2Teams, or a Microsoft Teams Operator Connect and Zoom Provider Exchange. Cataleya meets the requirements of Operator Connect and BYOC for enterprises perfectly with its Orchid Collab automation portal and Orchid Link SBC to provide robust and high security voice communication.

What’s more, all these come with unparalleled service analytics embedded, with the added capability of QoS Analytics in a carrier-grade SBC that packs a punch.