Cataleya Orchid Text Review: Powerful A2P Messaging

An introduction to the capabilities of Orchid Text

Demand for messaging and text-based communications is skyrocketing. In recent years, companies and consumers have begun moving away from voice-based conversations and in-person meetings. Today, people want a faster, more convenient way to stay connected with brands and colleagues.

A2P messaging platforms offer a powerful way for companies around the world to leverage the benefits of SMS for interacting with contacts in real time. Using these tools, business leaders and service providers can set up automated text services, two-way conversations with customers, and more, all while maintaining high levels of performance and security.

Cataleya, a company committed to delivering new forms of value to service providers, introduced the Cataleya Orchid Text platform to offer wholesale and enterprise-level text services to companies embracing the new era of messaging. Today, the Orchid Text service stands as one of the most reliable, customizable, and straightforward platforms in the messaging industry.

Let’s take a closer look.

Orchid Text Review: What is Orchid Text?

Orchid Text is the A2P messaging platform offered by Cataleya under the “Orchid” ecosystem. It accompanies other Orchid-branded solutions for SBC management, cloud connectivity, and BSS software control. The Orchid Text service is split into two solutions.

Both options are custom-made to support service providers in delivering powerful experiences to end users. Orchid Text can be delivered on-premises or in the cloud and offers comprehensive carrier-grade support for SMS messaging.

Orchid Text Wholesale Features

The first solution is the Wholesale Messaging Platform, built with an all-in-one gateway providing end-to-end service management. The Wholesale service was designed to accelerate success in the wholesale SMS environment with features such as:

  • SMPP and HTTP support: Send and receive high volumes of SMS via SMPP protocols, HTTP, and API access.
  • SS7 Stack: A range of SS7 capabilities designed to manage traffic between applications and SS7 networks using IP or TDM.
  • 2-Way SMS Routing: Clients can track live traffic, resource usage statistics, and connectivity rates for 2-way SMS solutions within a convenient dashboard.
  • SIP: SIP technology allows users to send SMS to IMS users, with VoLTE convergence and capabilities for offering SMS services via Wi-Fi coverage.
  • MNP API: An MNP API allows users to identify the subscriber number network affiliation to ensure higher levels of deliverability.
  • User roles and profiles: Clients can build multiple profiles with different access levels to certain modules.
  • Testing tools: Users can send messages across different supplier routes and ensure they’re being delivered correctly, with insights into fake DLRs, sender ID, latency, and more.
  • Advanced routing: Rout SMS traffic in a certain network to specific destinations based on parameters like Sender ID, error code, or content.

“Since the software architecture is fully containerized the addition of new microservices over the lifetime of the platform is simple and none service affecting.” says Andreas Hipp CEO.

Orchid Text Enterprise Features

The second solution is the Enterprise Messaging Platform, which provides SMS business messaging solutions designed to address the needs of enterprise customers across all verticals. The powerful and user-friendly solution is designed for businesses of all sizes, with features like:

  • Notifications: Integrate SMS functionality into business services, websites, and mobile notifications, and implement real-time notifications.
  • OTP Messaging: One-time password messaging apps allow companies to send 2FA data to customers to help them complete secure actions.
  • SMS campaigns: A comprehensive user interface allows users to send SMS campaigns to any database with a couple of clicks.
  • 2-way SMS: Enterprise users can receive SMS messages to the applications, from customers using short and long codes, for new styles of customer service.
  • Number lookup: Real-time status updates, mobile number databases, and insights to assist with reducing costs.
  • SMS Scheduling: Create and send SMS campaigns at a specific time or to segments of the contact list within a pre-set period.

Orchid Text Review: Benefits

Orchid Text is a comprehensive solution allowing mobile operators to provide crucial SMSC features, such as subscriber-to-subscriber messaging, broadcasting, and group messaging. Using the Casandra database, the Orchid text ecosystem delivers a secure and reliable service to business leaders and requires no additional hardware or software investments.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Customization: Companies using Orchid Text can leverage the technology to create powerful new revenue streams with endless customization options. Companies can take advantage of advanced routing capabilities, set up 2-way messaging options, or simply design SMS campaigns which can be automated and scheduled according to their specific needs.
  • Intuitive, simple interface: Orchid Text makes it easy to get started with A2P messaging, with flexible deployment options for on-premises, public or private cloud environments. The intuitive solution comes with a straightforward and easy-to-understand graphical interface, as well as the option to set up portals for clients to self-manage their service.
  • Dynamic routing: Service providers have complete control over their routing strategy, with the option to create special routing rules for specific use cases. Least cost routing is available, as well as routing exceptions for each destination a company serves. There’s also support for two-way routing, intelligent routing, and built-in routing management.
  • Reporting and monitoring: Built-in reporting and monitoring capabilities make it easy to keep track of service quality and critical business metrics. Companies can view the most important SMS traffic charts on a dashboard in near real-time and sort through reports according to destination, time period, or customer.
  • Redundancy and security: An active/standby redundancy architecture provides exceptional peace of mind, along with backup options and clustering services. Users can set up different access rights for each individual in the system and keep track of data to reduce compliance and security issues. Plus, the full solution is designed to preserve high compliance standards.

Unlocking A2P Messaging with Orchid Text

Orchid Text from Cataleya offers service providers a powerful and intuitive environment for A2P messaging, with exceptional routing management, fantastic availability, and fully redundant hardware and software. The easy-to-use and customizable ecosystem is cost-effective and perfect for business leaders looking to set up new revenue streams and accelerate their time to market.

With all the tools business leaders need already built in, from reporting to invoicing tools, SIP trunk management, user management, and number portability, Orchid Text provides an all-in-one tool for revenue generation among modern service providers.