Cataleya expands its Global Orchid Cloud Fabric to 30 data centres on 4 continents

Cataleya reduces the deployment time of global voice networks on 4 continents from months to days, at a fraction of the cost


Singapore, 29 October 2018 – Cataleya Private Limited, a leader in Voice over IP switching and analytics, is continuing to revolutionize the international voice industry with the launch of its Global Orchid Cloud Fabric. After successfully launching ‘Orchid Cloud’, its SBC/class 4 switching and wholesale voice business platform, earlier this year, it is now pursuing a global cloud strategy. Through its partnership with global hosting providers, Cataleya will now be able to activate nodes in over 30 data centres across 4 continents within a matter of days.

Not only will Cataleya provide the SBC/class 4 switching and BSS functions within each node, but it will also support tailored hosting and IP connectivity and therefore a fully functional one stop shop deployment.

This is a revolutionary shift for any telecom operator looking to reduce time to market and cost when either expanding its global business or aiming for ultimate efficiency and agility. With the Global Orchid Cloud Fabric, telecom operators will be able to switch on their global voice services and expand their switching capabilities in region or in country in a matter of days, rather than months and this at half of the cost compared to building their own.

“This represents an entire new way of deploying global infrastructure, giving telecom operators the efficiency and agility they crave to better compete and innovate. We are initially focusing on our core voice solutions, but will soon support other communication services, such as messaging. We start by serving major economies and cities, with further expansion planned, this driven by our customers’ evolving requirements’, says Andreas Hipp, CEO Cataleya.”

Besides having expanded our global core node network to better meet customers’ regional needs, this with the aim of reducing media latency and offering additional geo-redundancy, Cataleya’s hosted global services can now also meet GDPR requirements in Europe, as well as other regulatory guidelines in countries where data or Call Detail Record (CDR) processing must remain local.

This is only one of the many revolutions enabled by Cataleya, as we are the only vendor which lets you build your own tailor-made SBC, while benefiting from truly flexible business models, simplicity of integration and machine learning powered analytics.

About Cataleya 

Cataleya provides real-time communications software and CPaaS solutions for all VoIP based switching and analytics needs of communication service providers. It focuses on solving key aspects of service providers’ challenges in today’s competitive environment. Cataleya is a disruptor of the traditional vendor market, offering advanced technology, paired with innovative commercial models and personalized support. Cataleya is headquartered in Singapore with its own technology development and support teams in Silicon Valley, Pune and London.