Cataleya and AB Handshake

AB Handshake the brand new A-number spoofing “vaccine” of choice for operators!

 Singapore, 24th November 2020  Robocalling using spoofed A-numbers is not only annoying Americans, as this is a global phenomenon, irritating consumers all over the world. Many other types of abuse cases are also prevalent in Europe, encouraged partly by carriers charging a fee on top of the termination rates for calls originating from outside of Europe. As one can imagine this practice is just ripe for fraud, as faking European A numbers has become a real challenge to contend with.

For years, operators are working hard to find solutions to identify this particular fraud scenario amongst many others, but no comprehensive solution is available that works across network technologies or does not involve complex look up or verification mechanisms that are expensive.

We at Cataleya have also worked for many years on providing efficient analytics solutions to our Session Border Controller customers that help identify various fraud types that can be identified by monitoring media and signaling flows. However, this only covers a limited set of call anomalies and A-number spoofing cannot be captured.

The arrival of the AB Handshake framework suddenly changes that landscape and paired with our own capabilities now provides an unparalleled “vaccine” for this “illness” says Andreas Hipp, CEO Cataleya.

How does it work?

AB Handshake service enables calls validation and provides technological solution to support global cooperation at the market.
It connects originating and terminating operators via an encrypted HTTPS channel and makes it possible to exchange call details in real-time and compare the results to check if the call took place, was terminated to the end user and was received from the original number of the caller.

AB Handshake ensures that any voice call is validated by both the originating and terminating operator, making it impossible to commit fraud that relies upon the manipulation of traffic by intermediaries. Processed in parallel to the call set-up, the “handshake” gives both the A and B parties confirmation that the call is connected as intended, otherwise it offers the choice to stop invalid calls automatically. Using straightforward technology to integrate the handshake with existing signaling and accounting systems, the handshake works for all kinds of telcos across all kinds of networks (SIP and TDM), offering a truly universal and cost-effective solution to eliminate fraud.

“In many cultures across the world a handshake is a gesture and sign of trust. The same principle applies to the antifraud framework of AB Handshake where originator and terminator shake “hands” and certify to each other that the call is an original call and can be trusted,” says Andreas Hipp, CEO Cataleya

“It’s great to know that with this partnership all customers of Cataleya will have swift and easy access to our validation service. We strongly believe that the fight against fraud should be a collective effort and we welcome such an expansion of our community,” says Nadejda Papernaia, CEO AB Handshake Corporation

We are very pleased about this cooperation and proud to represent a solution that matches our philosophy, business practices and keen ambition to protect our customers business.

The AB Handshake Corporation was founded by a team of telecommunication industry professionals with advanced engineering degrees and decades of experience in establishing and successfully growing innovative high-tech businesses. This team’s background made it possible to take an idea for preventing voice fraud by call validation and turn it into a truly universal solution working for all types of networks with radical improvement of customer experience and boosted profitability of service providers.

Cataleya provides real-time communications software and CPaaS solutions for all VoIP switching and analytics as well as A2P messaging needs of communication service providers. It focuses on solving key aspects of service providers’ challenges in today’s competitive environment. Cataleya is a disruptor of the traditional vendor market, offering advanced technology, paired with innovative commercial models and personalized support. Cataleya is headquartered in Singapore with its own technology development and support teams in Silicon Valley, Pune and London.

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