We are in business to…
At Cataleya, we are in business to address concrete requirements of service providers looking for solutions. We aim to meet them and hope we can meet yours too. If we don’t, we may not be the right choice for you and we will not pretend that we are.

A lot of people buy from companies seen as technology leaders, but in reality, successfully addressing operator’s challenges is about more than having the coolest thing or best known brand in your network. It’s about true innovation, technology, functionality, practicality and affordability. You don’t usually buy a Prada bag to go rock climbing, so why over pay for a technology brand when it does not reflect your business model and provide you with the tailored solutions that you need to transform your business and face the climb ahead?

We are not in business to…
At Cataleya, we are definitely not in business to sell you something you don’t need. We have no sales job titles and do not have to please external shareholders because we own the business. We therefore see ourselves as your true partner in success, as only if you grow, we will grow with you.

We are on our own growth journey
Cataleya is on its own growth journey, which is why we understand yours so well. In business for 5 years, we have been steadily growing our number of customers and revenue towards profitability. We have no debt, unlike most of the other vendors, and foster a long term sustainable, well-balanced business approach.

Cataleya is made of long term, committed telecom executives who have created and led their own businesses to success again and again over the least 20 years. With their skin in the game, Cataleya is rapidly becoming one of the most dynamic and disruptive vendors in the industry.