To have a fulfilled life, we seek both meaning and purpose. Purpose we need and create for ourselves, while our meaning is determined by others and manifests itself by our standing in society. We therefore cannot create our own meaning, as only others can define it by their respect for our actions and behaviors.

These two elements are the foundations of what is called ‘a culture of significance ’ – for others and not for oneself.

Making a difference, having a positive impact, creating results and achieving something which benefits others makes us proud and fulfilled. Being recognized, appreciated, respected or simply important to others makes us relevant. If we are not relevant we are insignificant.

Cataleya’s ethos resides around the culture of significance and the 7 pillars or values that underpins it. This guides how we become and remain relevant not only to our peers, but even more importantly, how we become relevant to our customers.

Andreas Hipp